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Jiangyin HD-MC Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer specializing in advanced cable, optical cable, and high-tech materials equipment production. The company primarily engages in the design of new energy copper-aluminum equipment, galvanized aluminum PLs, rain wiper blade encapsulation PLs, and optical/electrical cable equipment. They also manufacture and provide application services for products like fine stainless steel ropes and fine photovoltaic diamond wires. Additionally, they offer technical support for the production processes of new energy copper-aluminum PLs, galvanized aluminum PLs, rain wiper blade encapsulation PLs, and Optical Cable PLs. They undertake turnkey projects for galvanized aluminum production, rain wiper blade encapsulation production, optical communication, and digital communication cables.

Established in July 2023, Jiangyin HD-MC Equipment Company is located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, enjoying convenient sea, land, and air transportation. With a team possessing over twenty years of equipment manufacturing experience and highly skilled technical management personnel, they have industry-leading advanced equipment and production technology.

Over the years, they have continuously listened to valuable customer feedback, incorporated advanced technology from international counterparts, and strived for excellence. They closely monitor the trends in the international cable industry, anticipate market demands for the next 5-10 years, and proactively develop and experiment. Their ongoing pursuit of excellence aims to provide their customers with more efficient, energy-saving, and durable equipment.

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